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OTAVAchemicals (est. 1997) is an international science-based chemical company that specializes in development and production of featured chemicals, bio-chemicals and bioanalytical reagents. For more than 20 years we have been providing quality products and services for pharma, biotech and R&D companies, academic institutions and government agencies.
We offer more than 270,000 compounds for high-throughput screening (HTS) including >300 target-focused libraries (Protein Kinases, Proteases, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Epigenetic Targets and others) as well as libraries of Fragments, Lead-like, Drug-like and CNS compounds. Custom library design is available on your request.
To satisfy the demand for novel screening compounds, OTAVA offers a collection of 16,000,000 Tangible Screening Compounds (with delivery time 4 weeks). This is a unique opportunity to enrich screening collection with compounds which are not presented in any other commercial chemical catalogs.
OTAVAchemicals offers about 32,000 Chemical Building Blocks for prompt delivery and more than 5,000,000 new Virtual Chemical Building Blocks that are ideally suited for diversity-oriented syntheses and could be synthesized and delivered within 4-12 weeks.
A newly founded OTAVA Research Institute, a research arm of OTAVA Ltd., expanded available core competencies to include bioinformatics and development of fluorescent probes for biomedical applications as well the delivery of new technologies to the materials science and plant biotechnology industries. We are dedicated to providing clients with outstanding service in these key areas and will continue to push boundaries to remain an industry front-runner.
OTAVAchemicals facilities and long-standing experience make possible a variety of contract research and collaborative research projects. Our team of highly skilled and talented medicinal chemists, biologists and computational chemists is ready to facilitate hit identification, hit-to-lead optimization or custom synthesis project of any level.We already collaborate with many companies and academic institutions in Europe, US and Canada, and we hope you will consider working with us.

OTAVAchemicals is an acknowledged leader in providing:

  • Synthesis of high-quality small organic compounds for HTS, chemical building blocks and intermediates
  • Full range of custom synthesis and hit-to-lead optimization services
  • Rational design of inhibitors of protein kinases and other drug targets
  • Wide selection of target-focused libraries, design on request option
  • Molecular modeling/computational chemistry services
  • Development of novel fluorescent probes