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Our products are a part of Sigma-Aldrich


OTAVAchemicals is now partnering with Aldrich Chemistry to offer a line of chemical building blocks and synthetic reagents. Ordering selected OTAVAchemicals products is now as easy as ordering any other Aldrich product. Key OTAVAchemicals products are in stock and available, right off the shelves of Aldrich warehouse.
OTAVAchemicals novel high-sensitive series of fluorescent dyes (LUCY) for nonspecific detection of proteins in gels are co-developed and commercialized by Sigma-Aldrich. LUCY dyes satisfy all requirements, to be routinely used in lab practices, such as sensitivity, high reproducibility, low protein-to protein variability, low cost, easy and fast staining procedure.
Using OTAVAchemicals LEAD DYE method Sigma-Aldrich released novel fluorescent stain Nancy-520 for dsDNA visualization on agarose gels.

See this page on Sigma-Aldrich website

OTAVAchemicals longstanding experience in successful realization of hit and lead discovery projects has recently resulted in the development of NQDI-1 – a novel inhibitor of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase (ASK1) (Volynets et al., J Med Chem. 2011, 54, 2680).  New studies strongly suggest about its pharmacological potential. It was reported that NQDI-1 has prevented ROS-mediated apoptosis in the NG108-15 neuronal cell line (Nomura et al., Neurosci Lett. 2013, 549, 63). Moreover, the administration of NQDI-1 to laboratory animals attenuated renal dysfunction and histological changes characteristic for renal ischemia/reperfusion injury (El Eter, Cardiovasc Hematol Agents Med Chem. 2013, 11, 179).

NQDI-1 is now commercially available in product catalog of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation.


See this page on Sigma-Aldrich website


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