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Fluorescent Dyes
OTAVAchemicals is the leading research centre for fluorescence-based detection products and solutions that advance biomedical research. A number of new fluorescent cyanines for DNA detection and labeling have been developed by our researchers (See publication list). The "lead dye" method (original approach to designing the fluorescent probes with required properties) was proposed by us and applied first for the real tasks performed in collaboration with Sigma-Aldrich GmbH (See contract list). At the first stage the historical dye collection comprising about 2,000 dyes of various classes (polymethine cyanines, styryles, coumarines and metal-containing compounds) is used for the prescreening. The in-house stock collection dyes are tested in model systems for the "lead dye" identification possessing required spectral characteristics. The next stage is the optimization of the "lead dye" properties, based on the chemical synthesis of large series of its derivatives followed by testing in model systems.
Our products are a part of Sigma-Aldrich

We carry out design and synthesis of fluorescent cyanine dyes, kits, reagents and analytical procedures for biomedical research. Our experience in the synthesis of fluorescent organic chemicals (fluorescent probes) is unsurpassed by any other company in Ukraine and Russia today. On request, we can supply to our customers the historical collection of cyanine dyes for research purposes.
For example, novel synthetic approaches to long-wavelength fluorescent squaraine, tri- and pentamethine cyanine dyes in the polymethine chain and in the heterocyclic residues were elaborated:

1.gif  2.gif
 Ex 745 nm / Em 801 nm  Ex 726 nm / Em 759 nm
 3.gif  4.gif
 Ex 678 nm / Em 720-780 nm  Ex 713 nm / Em 724 nm

In total, 2,000 synthetic dyes of various classes covering the absorbance range from 350 nm to 1100 nm are presented in our company’s product list.

Years of experience enables us to serve our customers with products of excellent quality at very competitive prices as well to participate in a number of contract research projects with European and American companies.

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