12 Billion Novel Molecules: CHEMriya - OTAVA's On-Demand Chemical Space

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12 Billion Novel Molecules: CHEMriya - OTAVA's On-Demand Chemical Space

We are proud to announce the new Chemical Space CHEMriyaTM, created in partnership with BioSolveIT.

The first release of the CHEMriya Space contains 12 billion accessible on-demand molecules, based on thirty-thousand building blocks and 44  in-house reactions. Several multi-component and ring-closure reactions provide a vast chemical diversity with a broad range of molecular scaffolds.

This Chemical Space is based on OTAVA’s in-house knowledge and resources, and CHEMriyaTM will bust the search horizon of infiniSee, allowing you to search in untapped areas of tangible molecules.

This vast pool of opportunities can be explored with BioSolveIT's unique virtual screening platform infiniSee. With utmost precision, infiniSee finds those compounds that are similar to a query molecule, scanning billions of possibilities within seconds.

We recommend downloading the latest release of infiniSee featuring all the available spaces, including CHEMriyaTM, and file export improvements here.


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