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Custom Synthesis

Custom SynthesisOTAVAchemicals, a leading chemical and drug discovery company offers custom synthesis of organic molecules for biotech and pharmaceutical applications as well as design and synthesis of fluorescent dyes with requested characteristics. Our small-scale and large-scale chemistry capabilities are able to undertake your projects and work with them right from idea to final production at any scale. A synthetic route literature search is also available (using CAS Sci-Finder, Reaxys and Beilstein databases). The big advantage we have is our operational flexibility and long-standing expertise in synthesis of chemical building blocks, synthesis of compound libraries based on chemical scaffold, custom synthesis of the biologically active compounds (inhibitors/activators, agonists/antagonists etc), natural product derivatives, and custom synthesis of fluorescent dyes for biology and medicine on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated full-service solution. The synthetic work can incorporat extensive application of proprietary cheminformatics, molecular modeling and computational chemistry procedures as well as virtual screening and QSAR in order to select/design compounds or target-focused libraries for various HTS screening and drug discovery projects.

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The service includes synthesis of the following:



Representative structures from our collection

Fig. 1. Representative structures from our compound collection




  • Creativity and problem solving in the field of chemistry and biology
  • Weekly progress report
  • Competitive pricing and fast turn-around time
  • Reliability and strict confidentiality
  • Prompt response policy
  • FTE (Full Time Equivalent) & FFS (Fee For Services) projects


Our company has over 20 years of experience in the area of custom synthesis / contract research and guarantees quality, competitive pricing, and fast turn-around time. We already collaborate with many companies and academic institutions in Europe, United States and Canada, and we hope you will consider working with us.
Our research facilities are located in North America, namely in Toronto, Kingston and Vaughan (Ontario, Canada) and Europe (Kyiv, Ukraine and Vilnius, Lithuania). We have fully equipped chemical laboratories with well-developed infrastructure and routine access to NMR and LC-MS facilities that allow us to provide any scale of custom synthesis of novel molecules under the supervision of our experienced and talented research team. If you decide to work with us, you would have access to the services of skilled chemists with an extensive expertise in laboratory organic synthesis, catalysis, drug and chemical product research, synthesis of amino acids and heterocyclic compounds. We specialize in complex chemical services such as novel synthesis route design and process development, bulk synthesis and specific synthetic intermediates. Our team of highly qualified medicinal and computational chemists is ready to facilitate hit identification, target validation or hit-to-lead optimization  projects of any level. The team can work with drug targets including  protein kinases, nuclear receptors, GPCRs, ion channels and anything else you may request.



  • Quality control by NMR and/or GC/LC/MS
  • Purity: 95%+
  • Custom support: structural modification, etc.
  • NMR and LC/MS/MS spectra are available upon request
  • Respond to inquiries within 24 hours
  • Confidentiality and intellectual property (IP) protection guarantee
  • Molecular modeling and computational chemistry procedures with modern state-of-the-art software and algorithms



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