Seed Innovation Discovery Program (SIDP)
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Seed Innovation Discovery Program (SIDP)


Seed Innovation Discovery Program (SIDP)

Do you believe in creating true collaborative partnerships between academia and industry?

Do you want to bring high-quality research to the global scientific community?

If you answered yes, then the Seed Innovation Discovery Program (SIDP) is for you. Through this program we are seeking to support your promising findings in the field of drug discovery and take your research to a higher level. The objective of the program is to develop novel biologically active substances, new drug candidates or treatment strategies while working towards a promising molecular target of your interest by collaborating with OTAVAchemicals and partnering organizations. 
The program consists of 4 steps:
Confidentiality Agreement signed, format of joint research project negotiated

About 180,000 OTAVAchemicals drug-like and lead-like screening compounds focused on your molecular target with cutting-edge computer modeling techniques


Molecular modeling, cheminformatics, structural optimization and synthetic chemistry support provided all the way through the joint research workflow


Patenting and commercialization

— OR —

Joint publication and subsequent research funding opportunities

During the research workflow, we:
  • Provide in-kind access to our company’s screening collections and molecular modeling services
  • Help define the market needs and determine the scope of a potential follow-up project 
  • Guarantee confidentiality and intellectual property (IP) protection 
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