Aurora B Kinase
Aurora B Kinase
 Aurora B kinase focused library
Ligand in Aurora B active site. Docking example from OTAVAchemicals/Life Chemicals
Aurora B focused library.
The detection of H-bonds between ligand and key Aurora B residue (Ala173) was used for the library preparation.

The serine/theronine protein kinases of aurora family genes play a critical role in the regulation of key cell cycle processes. Aurora B mediates chromosome segregation by ensuring orientation of sister chromatids and overexpression of Aurora B in diploid human cells NHDF (normal human diploid fibroblast) induces multinuclearity.
In human thyroid carcinomas, cell lines originating from different histotypes showed an increase in Aurora B expression. Immunohistochemical analysis of archive samples showed a high expression of Aurora B in anaplastic thyroid carcinomas; conversely, Aurora B expression was not detectable in normal thyroid tissue. Real-time PCR analysis confirmed a strong expression of Aurora B in anaplastic thyroid carcinomas.
The block of Aurora B expression induced by RNA interference or by using an inhibitor of Aurora kinase activity significantly reduced the growth of thyroid anaplastic carcinoma cells.

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Aurora B overexpression associates with the thyroid carcinoma undifferentiated phenotype and is required for thyroid carcinoma cell proliferation.
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