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OTAVAchemicals Releases its Searchable Online Catalog using the eMolecules Hosted Catalog Service
DEL MAR, California and TORONTO, Canada, April 17, 2007 – eMolecules, Inc., the provider of the world’s largest online chemistry database, and OTAVAchemicals, a leading Canadian company specializing in drug discovery technologies, announce the commercial availability of OTAVAchemicals new structure-searchable online chemical catalogs at


Using the eMolecules catalog hosting system, OTAVAchemicals is providing pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers with state-of-the-art online access to over 120,000 high-quality research chemicals from its Screening Compounds, Building Blocks, Fluorescent Dyes and Synthesis on Request libraries. These catalogs are now substructure-searchable and Web accessible to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere in the world. The combination of eMolecules’ powerful, easy-to-use search tools, and Online Request for Quote system will expand the global reach of OTAVAchemicals’s chemical catalogs and business growth.

“eMolecules is excited to be working with OTAVAchemicals” said Klaus Gubernator, Founder and CEO of eMolecules. “Using the eMolecules system, chemistry researchers around the world will more easily find and procure the OTAVAchemicals research chemicals that can play a fundamental role in the discovery of new disease treatments and drug therapies.”

“OTAVAchemicals believes our newly availably online catalogs are exactly what customers have been waiting for, faster access to our most up-to-date chemical catalogs and product information,” said Yaroslav Bilokin, Director of Sales and Marketing & North American Division Manager. “We believe our eMolecules hosted catalogs will bring new efficiencies and benefits to our customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and accelerated business growth.”


  • About eMolecules:

eMolecules, Inc. is the world's leading open-access chemical structure search engine. The company’s mission is to discover, curate and index all of the world’s public chemical information and make it freely available to scientists everywhere. Founded in 2005, with offices in San Diego, California and London, UK, eMolecules has rapidly become the world's most popular public chemical structure search engine, distinguished by its fast results, ease of use, and extensive reference information.


  • About OTAVAchemicals:

OTAVAchemicals supplies fine organic chemicals including unique building blocks for combinatorial organic synthesis. It provides compound libraries for screening, custom synthesis, molecular modeling services, targeted compound libraries, protein kinase inhibitors, prescreened anticancer compounds, and peptide and chromogenic substrates. It offers design and development of fluorescent probes, kits and reagents.

  • For additional information, contact:

eMolecules, Inc.:
Jon M. Van Winkle
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OTAVAchemicals, Ltd.:
Yaroslav Bilokin
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