Inhibitor of IKK kinase
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Inhibitor of IKK kinase


Inhibitor of IKK-e kinase IC50 = 39.8 nM, ROCK2-specific inhibitor of Rho-kinases IC50 = 40.0 nM


OTAVAchemicals Catalogue Number: 7020402324

CAS Registry Number: 862812-98-4

Purity: 99% (HPLC)

Ref.: Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2006, 16, 6236 – 6240 Med.Chem. Res. 2016, 25, 40 – 50

Abstract: Inhibitor of IKK-e kinase that might be involved in the regulation of transcription factors, such as NF-kB, IRF3 and C/EBP, all ofwhich are known to be involved in the regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Inhibitor of Rho-associated protein kinases (ROCK) - an essential regulators of Rho signaling pathways in a variety of cellular processes.

DOI: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2006.09.018  10.1007/s00044-015-1463-0


Price info:
1 MG 35 EUR
5 MG 120 EUR
10 MG 190 EUR
300uL of 10mM solution

70 EUR