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E-4-hydroxy-N-4-isopropylbenzylidene benzohydrazide, 4-hydroxy-benzoic acid 4-isopropyl-benzylidene-hydrazide;

2-[[4-(1-Methylethyl)phenyl]methylene]hydrazide 4-hydroxybenzoic acid

GSK 4716 is an Estrogen-related receptors ERRß and ERRa agonist with minimal activity for ERRa, ERa and ERß

Chemical Formula: C17H18N2O2

Molecular Weight: 282.3

OTAVAchemicals Catalogue Number: 0127440673

CAS Registry Number: 101574-65-6

Purity: 98%+ (HPLC)

Ref.: Weber Et al. J Toxicol Environ Health A  2014;78:50

Abstract: Developmental bisphenol A (BPA) exposure is associated with adverse behavioral effects, although underlying modes of action remain unclear. Because BPA is a suspected xenoestrogen, the objective was to identify sex-based changes in adult zebrafish social behavior developmentally exposed to BPA (0.0, 0.1, or 1 µM) or one of two control compounds (0.1 µM 17ß-estradiol [E2], and 0.1 µM GSK4716, a synthetic estrogen-related receptor ? ligand). A test chamber was divided lengthwise so each arena held one fish unable to detect the presence of the other fish. A mirror was inserted at one end of each arena; baseline activity levels were determined without mirror. 

DOI: 10.1080/15287394.2015.958419


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